The Melbourne Violin Competition’s main sponsor is Jennen Shoes.



Saturday 20th October 2018, 10am-2:30pm

Melba Hall, University of Melbourne, Parkville


Free admission. No ticketing. No allocated seating.

7 semi-finalists will each perform a complete Solo Violin Sonata or Partita by J.S Bach.


10:00am – Dindin Wang, Sonata No.1 (Australia)

10:20am – Dandan Wang, Partita No.3 (Australia)

10:40am – Anna Dorothea Mutterer, Partita No.2 (Germany)

11:10am – Emily Leung, Sonata No.3 (USA)

11:40am-12:40pm – LUNCH BREAK

12:40pm – Christine Bernsted, Partita No.2 (Denmark)

1:15pm – Edward Walton, Partita No.3 (Australia)

1:35pm – Zheng Liu, Partita No.2 (China) 

2:30pm – Announcement of 3 selected finalists  

Adjudication panel: Sarah Curro and Sophie Rowell.


Audience members may enter and exit between performances but not during performances.

Audience members must be quiet and mobile devices switched off.